The Academy Leaders


The Academy leadership group are practicing country music professionals with years of experience in the music industry.  The Academy is staffed by award-winning performers, musicians, mentors, songwriters, producers, industry and business leaders who have the ability and desire to ‘give back’ to the industry that has nurtured them.

Our General Manager Roger Corbett, and Musical Director Lyn Bowtell, have been at the forefront of The Academy since its inception.  They have been ably assisted over the years by a galaxy of consummate professionals who come to The Academy to share their knowledge and experience with newcomers to the industry.

These have included Kasey Chambers, Slim Dusty, Adam Brand, John Williamson, Felicity Urquhart, Ted Egan, Amber Lawrence, Catherine Britt, Karl Broadie, Kevin Bennett, Simon Johnson, Jayne Denham, David and Merelyn Carter, Travis Collins, Allan Caswell, Mat Scullion, Mike Carr, Tim Daley, Bill Page, David Woodward, Troy Cassar-Daley,  Nash Chambers, Dobe Newton, Andrew Clermont, Greg Champion, Jeff Chandler, Rod Coe, Beccy Cole, Daniel Conway, Hugh Curtis, Joan Douglas, Nick Erby, Jim Haynes, Ted Howard, Gina Jeffreys, Herm Kovac, Rod McCormack, Joy McKean, Shane Nicholson, Garth Porter, Rob Potts, Peter Winkler and many more.