The Junior Academy

The Junior Academy is scheduled to run from 14 – 20 July 2024.  Applications are NOW CLOSED.

About The Junior Academy (incorporating the Parent course)


The Academy places emphasis on nurturing different creative styles within the broad definition of country music today.  This course runs for seven days culminating in a graduation concert in front of a live audience.  Students will receive intense tuition in every aspect of country music including performance, songwriting, musicianship, working in a group and harmony singing.

There are opportunities to co-write in one-on-one sessions with professional songwriters, co-write with fellow students, network with professional artists and get a first class foundation course in country music, as well as creating an extended friendship network that is unique in the music industry.

Topics for Junior Students include:

  • Performance
  • Songwriting
  • Musicianship
  • Career building
  • Working in a group environment
  • Stagecraft
  • Concert preparation
  • Harmony singing
  • Music tech


Our intensive instrumental course runs alongside the singer/songwriter/performer course and the two compliment each other.  Aimed at young musicians who want to improve their musicianship, learn about reading and writing chord and number charts, connect with likeminded peers and have the opportunity to play as part of a band.  Many aspects of the SSP course are entwined with the instrumental course, but instrumentalists also receive tuition specific to them, the instruments they play and working with a band.  With a focus on guitars (rhythm and lead), bass, drums, keys and fiddle, we can cater to most instruments so please contact us if you have an enquiry about an instrument not listed.

Parents/guardians of instrumental students receive the same parent course during the program.


Parents and guardians also receive a unique foundation music business course suited to managing their child’s musical future.

As students in the Junior course MUST BE accompanied by a parent or guardian, a separate course especially designed for them is available while they are with their children in Tamworth at The Academy.

The course is aimed at helping parents/guardians understand the music industry and how best to help their talented children develop their skills.

For Junior students who want to develop a professional career, this course is invaluable for parents.  The keynote talks and the networking with other parents helps to understand how to assist their children in developing a career path.

Topics for The Parent Course include:

• Managing your child’s career and expectations

• How to write a bio and a media release

• What a venue expects of an artist

• When is your child ready to record?

• Self management

The course is educational, informative and interactive. Parents are encouraged to contribute ideas, share experiences and develop a support network for the future.

This unique parent course at The Academy has been universally acclaimed by parents as a hands-on, down to earth, common sense, eye-opening course for self management.


Fee: Junior Course: $2800 inc gst.

Fees include: 7 days of intensive tuition and master classes, take-home resources, plus daily morning tea, lunch and dinner for one student and one parent or guardian.  Accommodation NOT included.

Location: Liberty College Campus, 582 Goonoo Goonoo Road, Tamworth NSW.

Dates:  14 July to 20 July 2024.

Applications CLOSE 30 April 2024.

Accommodation: Not included but we recommend Paradise Tourist Park, Redhill Tamworth or Motel 359 as affordable options, relatively close-by.

If you have any queries about the course please contact us HERE

After successful application, students will be required to pay a 25% deposit in order to hold their place.  The balance will be payable in full prior to commencement of the course.

Applications must include:

  • Official Application Form.
  • 1 or 2 medium resolution .jpg colour photos.  Please note that photo/s provided will be used for publicity and promotion throughout The Academy journey.
  • 1 x mp4 file of the student’s song, recording or live performance. Applicants should consider the quality of the recording as potential students will be assessed on these recordings. A good quality demo with acoustic guitar and vocal is often preferable to a ‘live’ recording if there is too much background noise.
  • YouTube URL and/or website URL for upload as per online instructions (if applicable).
  • Songwriters will also need to attach lyrics.
  • A reference from an existing country music practitioner (producer, songwriter, performer, festival organiser, teacher) is a valuable asset when applying, but is not a necessity.

Open to students aged 17 and under.