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The Academy is Australia’s premier music program for emerging, talented singers/songwriters/performers and instrumentalists.

We offer two intensive residential courses each year for junior and senior participants and additional online programs.
Our award winning team of music professionals, mentors and industry leaders
will bridge the gap between your existing experience and your professional career.

Join The Academy alumni of successful music artists.

Connect and collaborate, learn, jam, explore ideas, rehearse and perform. #FriendsForLife

Sing, play, perform, learn your craft with opportunities to perform on main stage. #SingingIsLife

Co-write, technique, one-on-one songwriting with professional songwriters. #Songwriter
Theory, technique, instrumental training, perform and collaborate. #MusicForLife


Break down the barriers to a professional music career. At The Academy we support you to make it happen with essential music business skills in marketing, social media, branding and heaps more. You will learn from experts who do this for themselves every day. Plus meet key industry people and get access to Australia’s elite music artists, face to face, up close and personal.