About The Academy

Who we are

The Academy of Country Music is a professional development initiative of the Australian Country Music Association. Since 1997, The Academy has mentored, supported and contributed to the careers of hundreds of young performers from every corner of Australia and New Zealand.

The Academy started out as The CMAA College of Country Music and later as The CMAA Academy of Country Music. It now offers two intensive Senior and Junior residential courses each year lead by Australian country music professionals and trainers. Courses are held at Calrossy School in Tamworth during January (Senior) and July (Junior).

Our Alumni of past students

Since 1997 The Academy has produced many Award winning and successful artists in the Country Music genre and beyond including: Sara Storer, The McClymonts, Amber Lawrence, Jessica Mauboy, Caitlyn Shadbolt, Lyn Bowtell, Travis Collins, The Davidson Brothers, Brothers Three, Kristy List, Jedd Hughes, Judah Kelly, Daniel Thompson, Adam Eckersley, Brendon Walmsley, Luke Austen, Kylie Sackley, Travis Sinclair, Tom Curtain, Michael Muchow, John Stephan, The Sunny Cowgirls, Harmony James, Lou Bradley, 8Ball Aitken, Talia Whitman, Katie Brianna, Liam Brew, Chelsea Basham, Kaylee Bell, Tori Darke, Ashleigh Dallas, Christie Lamb, Melanie Dyer, Imogen Clark, Alison Forbes, Harry Hookey, Gretta Ziller, Michael Cole, Rachel Fahim, Home Grown, Ben Ransom, Baylou, Nathaniel O’Brien, Liam Kennedy Clark, Jenny Mitchell, Hayley Marsten, Tania Cornish, Billy Bridge , Rebecca Lee Nye and many more.

These contemporary stars of Australian music have forged viable careers in the country music industry, featuring in major talent events such as Toyota Starmaker, Australian Idol, X Factor and The Voice. Most have recording careers with national and international success and regularly chart in the country music radio playlists and album charts. Many feature in the converted Australian Country Music Awards as Golden Guitar winners or finalists.

Is The Academy for you?

The Academy offers each student the opportunity to create a successful career by connecting with professional mentors, leaders, song writers, producers, artists, peers and career builders.

For musicians, the Instrumental course is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn, be mentored and trained by the very best musicians and producers in the business. For songwriters, the opportunity to write with a hit songwriter, one-on-one is invaluable and for performers, there is the opportunity to perform in front of industry leaders, peers and fans.




Choose the course right for you


Senior Singer/Songwriter Course

Applications are Now open For the 2020 Senior course. The Senior course will be held in Tamworth NSW from the 4th – 18th January 2020

The senior course is a 14 day residential singer /performer /songwriter course for students aged 18 years and over.





Senior Instrumentalist Course

Applications are Now open For 2020 Senior Instrumental course. This Senior course will be held in Tamworth NSW from 4th – 18th January 2020

The senior course is a 14 day residential singer /performer /songwriter course for students aged 18 years and over.



Junior Singer/Songwriter or Junior Instrumentalist Course


Applications are Now open For 2020Junior Singer/Songwriter or Instrumental course (includes Parent Course) This Junior course will be held in Tamworth NSW from 4th – 12th July 2020.  

The Junior course is an 8 day residential singer /songwriter or instrumental course for students 18 years and under accompanied by a parent or guardian.


What you need to know

Whether you’re a singer, songwriter or instrumentalist at any age or skill level, if you’re committed to a career in Australian Country Music, you will benefit by taking part in the Academy.

The Academy courses includes all accommodation, meals and tuition for 1 student for 14 days (Senior) and for 1 student and accompanying parent for 8 days (Junior). Workshops, mentoring, one-on one songwriting, career building, and performances are all under the leadership of award-winning country music professionals and industry leaders.


  • The Junior Academy in 2019 will be held in the week preceding the 2019  ‘Hats Off  To Country’ Festival. July 6th to 14th 2019
  • The Senior Academy in 2020 will be held from January the 4th to January the 18th 2020 preceding the Tamworth Country Music Festival.
  • All Academy of Country Music courses will have two concert events in front of a live audience during your stay. 

The Academy is unique.

The Academy is the premier programme for talented, emerging  artists  in Australia. There is a very long list of successful music artists who owe some of their success to their time at The Academy.

The music Industry in Australia today presents a huge range of opportunities for artists, songwriters and musicians. The Academy can help you find pathways and stepping stones to a career from your very early beginnings to your full-blown career on stage. Attending The Academy and creating relationships within the Industry is the ideal way to get your career moving forward.

 Find Your Tribe

Countless The Academy graduates are now successful performers, songwriters, and musicians in country Music and other genres with over 500 graduates from these courses. One of the features of attending The Academy is the bond of friendship that is created between the students and with the support staff. The phrase ‘friends for life’ is very true.

Find the Authentic ‘You’

Connect with professional performers and career builders to find your brand and the essence of who you are as a performer.Through mentoring, guidance, inspiration, one-on-one songwriting and intense collaboration  you will find in yourself the authentic performer who can create a stellar career.

You will have 25 plus performers and musicians to bounce ideas, inspire and collaborate with. You will make lifelong friends and have your own support group throughout your career.

With the career building, songwriting, performances and mentorship available you’ll feel that a career is not only possible but just within your grasp.

 Senior or Junior Academy?

The Academy delivers separate Senior and Junior courses based on your age. The Senior Academy is designed for adult students who are over 18 for the intensive two week residential course, while the eight day Junior Academy is open to students aged under 18 years and accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Both the student and the parent receive their own comprehensive course.

The Academy takes place at the fully-equipped Calrossy  School in Tamworth, NSW.

Successful applicants are required to travel to the venue in Tamworth at their own expense and participation will be subject to a course fee, which includes full board, accommodation and all tuition.