About Us

The CMAA Academy of Country Music is for Singers, Performers, Songwriters and Instrumentalists who would like to quickly jump to the next stage in their country music career.

The Academy was created in 2009, after the merging of the long running, highly successful CMAA Australian College of Country Music and the Tamworth Camerata Junior Country Music School. The Academy runs courses to suit any age group or skill level. The fee includes all accommodation, tuition and meals for the duration of the course.  Travel is at the expense of the student.

Senior Course
Applications Open Now For 2018

A 14 day residential singer/performer/songwriter course for students aged 16 years and over.

  • The entry age for Senior courses is generally over 18 but in certain circumstances a younger performer/singer/songwriter/instrumentalists may request to attend the far more challenging two-week residential course. When applying for the two week course please note that a parent/guardian will not necessarily be required to attend. All our tutors and teachers are covered by the NSW Police check for Working with children and your child’s welfare and behaviour will be monitored throughout the two weeks by our staff.
  • All Academy of Country Music courses will have two concert events in front of a live audience during your stay.


Course Fee $3300 inc GST

Instrumentalist Course
Applications Opens Now For 2018

A 14 day residential instrumental course for students aged 16 years and over.

  • All Academy of Country Music courses will have two concert events in front of a live audience during your stay.


Course fee $2750 inc GST

Junior Singer/Songwriter/Instrumental course
Applications Opens Now For 2017

A 8 day residential singer/performer/songwriter course for students under 18 years accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Course fee $2500 incl GST

Includes a comprehensive Parent course in managing your talented child.


  • The Junior Academy in 2017 will be held in July during the 2017  ‘Hats Off  To Country’ Festival.
  • The Junior Academy has been extended to an 8 day course and a parent is included in the course. This 8 day course is for those students wishing to pursue a country music career but are currently at the beginning of their Country music career.
  • All Academy of Country Music courses will have two concert events in front of a live audience during your stay.

Whether you’re a singer, songwriter or instrumentalist and whatever your age or skill level if you’re committed to a career in Australian Country Music, you will benefit by taking part in the Academy.

The Academy is unique.

No other programme of this nature exists for the Country Music Industry in Australia.

The Country Music Industry in Australia today presents a huge range of opportunities for artists songwriters and musicians. The Country Music Industry is highly organised and provides pathways and stepping stones to a career from your very early beginnings to your full-blown career on stage. Attending the Academy of Country music is the ideal way to get your career moving forward.

Countless College, Camerata and Academy graduates are now successful performers, songwriters, and musicians in Country Music and many other genres and there are now more than 500 graduates from these courses. One of the features of attending the Academy is the bond of friendship that is created at the Academy between the students and with the support staff. These relationships often last for entire careers.

This is where it all starts!

The CMAA Australian Academy of Country Music focuses on enhancing your musical skills and creating opportunities for you to embark on your lucrative Country Music career.

The Academy

• Delivers an intensive residential environment tailored to meet the needs of the individual
• Delivers a proven road map for a successful career in country music
• Strongly encourages artistic creativity
• Provides skills specific to the Country Music genre in Australia and globally
• Educates, develops and stimulates artistic development
• Broadens the horizons and skill levels of participants via close interaction with the industry’s leading specialists
• Provides a centre for musical and learning excellence
• Is fun and inspiring
• Is ideal for industry networking

What does it involve?

The Academy delivers separate Senior and Junior courses based on the abilities of the student. The Senior Course concentrates on students who are able to handle the rigours of a two week residential course, while the eight day Junior Course is open to students aged under 18 years accompanied by a parent or guardian who are at a more entry level in their career development. The Academies are held at the fully-equipped Calrossy residential School in Tamworth, NSW, Australia’s home of Country Music.

Successful applicants are required to travel to the venue in Tamworth at their own expense and participation will be subject to a course fee, which includes full board, accommodation and all tuition.