Group Leaders for 2019 Senior Academy


Lyn Bowtell – Academy Musical Director – :  Multi Golden Guitar award winning performer, songwriter and singer Lyn Bowtell brings all her expertise as Director of the Academy in 2017. She’s been a regular academy tutor for vocal technique and has worked with the Juniors and Senior groups. Winner of Toyota Starmaker in 1997 and a third of the popular trio Bennet Bowtell and Urquhart,


Roger Corbett – Academy General Manager – .Roger has been involved with the Academy since 1998 as a Senior Group Leader, Songwriting Co-ordinator and as a Director of the Academy. Roger is a 38 year member and manager of the iconic Australian band The Bushwackers, Board member of the CMAA, and a busy country music producer.  He’s a performer, musician, producer and songwriter who’s enjoyed a great deal of success over five decades and has won multiple Golden Guitars with his songs for The Bushwackers, and many others.


Meryl Davis – Academy Campus Co-ordinator: The daughter of Australian guitar legend, the late Barry Thornton, Meryl has been involved in the country music industry all of her life. Meryl is the Secretary/Treasurer of the CMAA. and  manages Bellbird Music  along with her own successful family business. Meryl is the campus co-ordinator of the Academy making sure that all staff, parents and students are comfortable, safe and in the correct rooms at all times. She’s been a vital part of the Academy for many years.


Academy Senior Group Leaders 2019


Kevin Bennett:  Golden Guitar winning front man, guitarist and songwriter for The Flood, one of Australia’s best loved bands. Kevin is a wonderful songwriter and his groups are always a standout at the Academy Concerts. Kevin works with our Academy students and also does a great deal during the year for the Jimmy Little Foundation working with Indigenous musicians and performers. One member of multi award winning trio BBU


Lachlan Bryan: Golden Guitar winner and  front man and songwriter for alt-country band The Wildes. Over the past 7 years he’s released 4 records and played countless shows across Australia and America. 2017 will see a new album from Lachlan as well as plenty of touring across Australia, America and Europe.


Simon Johnson: Simon is a musician and producer who work out of his Hillbilly Hut Studio on the Central Coast. He has played bass for many of our best known country music stars and is an ARIA Award winning producer. He’s worked with many stars of the future in his studio and is the Group Leader for the Instrumental group in 2017.


Catherine Britt: Multi Award Winning performer, musician, songwriter, Catherine has been a Group leader twice in the last three years. Catherine is also a Festival organiser, music producer, broadcaster and magazine owner. In fact there really isn’t much Catherine hasn’t done in her stellar career.