As students in the Junior course are accompanied by a parent or guardian, a separate course especially designed for parents is available while they are with their children in Tamworth at the Academy.

The course is aimed at helping parents understand the music industry and how to help their talented children develop skills.

If junior students want to develop a professional career this course is invaluable for parents. It enables parents to understand how to assist their children in developing a career path.

Guest speakers cover topics as diverse as:

• What to look for when buying instruments
• How to write a bio and a media release
• What a venue expects of an artist
• When is your child ready to record?
• Self Management

Venues are visited and venue operators answer questions. The course is educational, informative and interactive. Parents are encouraged to contribute ideas, share experiences and develop a support network for the future.

This unique parent course at the CMAA Academy of Country Music has been universally acclaimed by parents as a hands-on, down to earth, common sense eye-opening course for self management.